Kids Tug of War

Don’t stand by while your child’s glasses get thicker every year due to myopia.

Myopia or short sightedness is a disease which causes blurry distance vision while near vision remains clear. It usually begins in childhood and gets worse throughout school years.

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Blog | How Much Does Eye Exam Cost?

How Much Does An Eye Exam Cost With An Optometrist?

What to pay when you visit your optometrist

Seeing your optometrist every two years is essential for keeping your eyes and vision healthy, but how much will it cost? We are fortunate in Australia to have access to Medicare, which means that you are able to receive a rebate for your eye examination.

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Blog | Let's Talk About Presbyopia

Doing a bit of reading at arm’s length? Let’s talk about presbyopia.

If you’ve hit the early 40’s and find that you’re having trouble reading those nutritional labels or checking expiry dates when you do the weekly shopping, chances are you’re experiencing changes to your vision known as presbyopia. You may notice the first signs of presbyopia somewhere between the magic ages of 41 to 44 though by around age 50, it affects virtually everyone.

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Blog | E-Eye IPL For Your Dry Eye Syndrome

Shining a light on Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome affects up to 20% of the population and can be a debilitating condition, making eyes dry, sore and inflamed as well as causing vision to fluctuate. Our modern lives, which include air conditioning, artificial light and almost constant electronic device use, also add to the problem. Get to know more about Dry Eye Syndrome and how it affects you.

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Why do my eyes twitch?

Why do my Eyes Twitch?

You know what we’re talking about – that annoying little eye twitch that seems to happen out of the blue. It is often barely noticeable to anyone looking at your face, but to you, it feels like your eyelid is jumping about all over the place! Get to know more about this symptom.

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Back to School. Back to Work. Don’t overlook the most important ‘eye-tems’!

Back to School. Back to Work. Don’t overlook the most important ‘eye-tems’!

It had to happen. The holidays are over (groan) and for the Back to School set, parents are doing the rounds of uniform and shoe shopping, backpacks and lunchboxes. For those of us heading back to work, it’s time to re-focus – and that could be a problem when those relaxed, holiday eyes make the switch back to more intense, screen-driven tasks.

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