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Back to School. Back to Work. Don’t overlook the most important ‘eye-tems’!

30 January 2019
Back to School. Back to Work. Don’t overlook the most important ‘eye-tems’!

It had to happen. The holidays are over (groan) and for the Back to School set, parents are doing the rounds of uniform and shoe shopping, backpacks and lunchboxes. For those of us heading back to work, it’s time to re-focus – and that could be a problem when those relaxed, holiday eyes make the switch back to more intense, screen-driven tasks.

As 2019 kicks off, your eyes and your child’s eyes need to be performing at their best to cope with the demands of work and school. 

An undetected vision issue can create real problems for your child and their ability to learn at school. A comprehensive eye examination prior to starting school and every 2 years during the school years is an essential step in tackling any vision and eye health issues. 

Here at Outlook Eye Centre, our comprehensive children’s eye examination takes 30-45 minutes. We examine your child’s visual acuity (how well they can see at various distances), how well their eyes work together as a team and your child’s overall eye health. And importantly, it’s not a scary experience – it’s actually a bit of fun! Our optometrist Shannon Smith is passionate about children’s vision and will answer all your questions and concerns, putting you and your child immediately at ease. Should your child require glasses, we have an awesome range of frames which our young fashionistas just love! 

Perhaps you’ve noticed a subtle change in your vision over the holidays – difficulty reading or using hand-held devices, the effects of too much glare and sun on your vision, eye fatigue from driving. Now is the best time to book a comprehensive eye examination with us so that we can assess your vision and eye health. We will tailor an individual vision solution for you which means your eyes will be performing at their very best

Your new year of optical health fund benefits has also commenced, so it’s a great opportunity to claim on new glasses, prescription sunglasses or contact lenses. 

At Outlook Eye Centre, we have a vision solution for everyone – and you can easily book your appointment with us online.

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