Blog | Let's Talk About Presbyopia

Doing a bit of reading at arm’s length? Let’s talk about presbyopia.

If you’ve hit the early 40’s and find that you’re having trouble reading those nutritional labels or checking expiry dates when you do the weekly shopping, chances are you’re experiencing changes to your vision known as presbyopia. You may notice the first signs of presbyopia somewhere between the magic ages of 41 to 44 though by around age 50, it affects virtually everyone.

So, what is presbyopia? It is a normal, age-related vision change during middle age which affects near (close) focusing ability. Just like other age-related changes to our bodies, the eye’s crystalline lens loses its flexibility which results in the eyes being unable to focus clearly. This, together with a gradual thickening of the eye’s lens, makes it harder to see things up close. .

Experiencing the first signs of presbyopia can be a bit daunting but that’s where we come in! A visit to us here at Outlook Eye Centre for an eye test is the first step in identifying your vision needs and glasses prescription. We will support your smooth transition to glasses with our magnificent range of designer eyewear together with premium lenses from leading lens manufacturer Shamir. Our Shamir lenses are individually customised to provide you with the perfect work/life balance for your busy lifestyle – giving you fabulous vision for reading up close, using your laptop or tablet and for seeing the world at large. Why wait? Book an appointment with us online and enjoy a relaxed, comfortable vision without the outstretched arms!

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