How Often Should I Have My Child's Eyes Tested?

How Often Should I Have My Child's Eyes Tested?

Making sure that your child has healthy vision from an early age is very important.

Not only can poor vision be uncomfortable for them, but it can affect their ability to learn and do well at school.

When should my child have their eyes first tested?

Children can have their eyes tested at any age, but it is recommended that they have their first comprehensive eye test at around six months to one year of age. It is particularly important for them to have an eye exam before starting school and learning to read as the earlier problems are detected the easier it is to treat them.

A child’s eyes are fully developed by the age of 8, so it is essential that an optometrist gives them a comprehensive eye exam before this.

How often should I have my child’s eyes tested?

Once your child has reached school age, it is recommended that they visit their optometrist every two years for a check-up if they have no vision problems. If they need vision correction they should visit their optometrist annually.

Why is it important to have my child’s eyes tested?

It is estimated that one in five children have undetected eye problems and as a result can have difficulties at school, which can often be misinterpreted for learning difficulties.

Your child may have trouble reading the board or focusing on text books, which can impact on their ability to learn. By having an eye exam, any defects can be detected and corrected early on. Often if they are left for too long they can be much harder, or impossible, to treat.

Many schools offer eye exams, but these are not as comprehensive as you will get at your optometrist. Always follow up a school eye exam with a trip to your local Toowoomba optometrist.