guy wearing an eye glasses while driving

Keeping Your Eyes On The Road…..

There’s always lots of hype about the newest vehicle safety technology like automatic braking, lane departure warnings and reversing cameras – but without doubt, the two most important safety features behind the wheel are your eyes.

Poor vision is a huge contributor to car accident risk and it’s vital that you as the driver can see well at all distances and in all driving conditions.

The daily commute, even here in Toowoomba, can be busy and stressful. Driving on our country roads also poses its own set of visual challenges. Some vision ‘red flags’ to be aware of are:

  • A lack of clear vision in the distance, e.g. trouble reading street signs
  • Difficulty seeing clearly in changing light conditions
  • Difficulty judging distances of oncoming vehicles
  • Problems with glare from the sun during the day and headlights at night
  • A reluctance to drive in unfamiliar environments

If you have noticed any of these, it’s time to come and see us. At Outlook Eye Centre, our driver safety eyewear solutions can assist with improved depth and distance perception during the day and night, as well as protection from dangerous glare. We can prescribe an individually tailored lens design for your driving glasses which will give you a larger field of vision, especially for that all-important peripheral or ‘side’ vision to check mirrors and blind spots.

Don’t rely on Siri and Google maps – your vision is your most important source of information when you’re on the road so don’t neglect it. See us at Outlook Eye Centre to stay focused with comfortable, clear vision and enjoy your road-tripping!