Spring Into Action To Avoid Eye Allergies

The arrival of Spring is perhaps even more special this year. The warmer days and the abundance of beautiful Toowoomba blooms always signal bright days ahead – something we all need right now!

happy girl jumping at the forest

Along with the warm breezes and blooms come the allergies. Airborne allergens such as grass, tree and flower pollens are common causes of eye allergies in both adults and children. Eye allergies are not only irritating (literally!), they can really interfere with our daily work and home routine and our general well-being. When allergens come into contact with our eyes, symptoms can include:

  • Eye redness
  • Itchy eyes
  • A gritty, sandy sensation in the eye
  • Eye soreness

Don’t be tempted to rub your eyes, especially during COVID-19 when we all need to avoid touching our eyes and face. Get in touch with Shannon for a thorough assessment of your eye allergy symptoms and identification of your allergy ‘triggers’. At Outlook Eye Centre, we can provide anti-allergy and lubricating drops to relieve symptoms and set you on the path to allergy-free eyes.

We also have a few additional tips to assist in staying eye-allergy free:

  • Wear quality wraparound sunglasses if you are eye-allergy prone. They provide extra protection against airborne allergens
  • Minimise your outdoor time on windy days
  • If you’re a contact lens wearer, we suggest that you:
    • consider switching to daily disposable contact lenses as these avoid the potential build-up of allergens on your lenses
    • always have a backup pair of glasses to wear if your eyes are simply too irritated for your contact lenses

Never neglect a sore, red eye during Spring allergy season or at any other time. Chances are it’s an allergy, but it’s important to rule out any other possible cause. You can make an appointment with Shannon online or call us at Outlook Eye Centre on 4635-8844 to discuss your symptoms.