The myopia boom in children – what you need to know

Myopia (short-sightedness) is on the rise in Australia, especially amongst children. A big contributor to the rise in myopia is the amount of time children are spending indoors on their digital devices.

As a Mum of two kids, I’m very aware of how kids’ activities have changed in recent years. Getting children out into the sunshine and away from their smartphones and tablets can be a real challenge but it is key to limiting the progression of myopia.

A proven treatment option for myopia is Orthokeratology contact lenses (often referred to as OrthoK lenses).
These specially made lenses are worn at night to help reshape the eye and allow the wearer to be glasses-free during the day.

You can read more about OrthoK lenses here
(Orthokeratology). Because myopia can pose a number of eye health risks including increasing the risk of cataract and glaucoma in later years, it’s important to develop good eye health habits at a young age.

Aim for 90 minutes per day of outside play for your children (with them wearing good quality sunglasses of course), lots of water, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables for eye health and where possible, limit their time on digital devices.

Regular eye tests for children throughout the school years are essential so that any vision difficulties can be assessed and treated promptly. And there’s nothing for your child to fear – at Outlook Eye Centre, children’s eye tests are a fun and positive experience!