Where Can I Get My Glasses Repaired?

Where Can I Get My Glasses Repaired?

In case your glasses break, visit your optometrist

Unfortunately, like most things in life, our glasses aren’t invincible. No matter how carefully we look after them, accidents do happen and they can break. Fortunately you don’t need to give up on them straight away, in many cases they can be repaired.

My glasses are broken, what can I do?

When your glasses break, even if it’s just a loose screw, the first thing you should do is visit your optometrist. If you are in Toowoomba, head in to Outlook Eye Centre where they may be able to repair your glasses on the spot, depending on the level of damage.

If your lenses are smashed and you have a copy of your prescription, they should be able to quickly make new ones for you while you wait. This means you don’t need to go for too long without your glasses.

Many people simply lose a screw in their glasses, which is easily fixed. Head into your optometrist and they should be able to quickly put in a new screw and have you back in action in no time.

A good tip is to keep a glasses-sized screwdriver in your bag or car so that you can regularly tighten the screws in your glasses. This means it is less likely you are going to lose a screw.

When can’t my glasses be repaired?

Although they can do some wonderful things, optometrists can’t work miracles - so in some cases they may not be able to repair your glasses. If the damage is too severe it may work out cheaper to simply buy a new pair.

Always visit your optometrist as soon as there is any damage to your glasses, as the sooner they are looked at the less likely they are to become seriously damaged.

If you don’t already have a protective case for your glasses, pick one up at your Toowoomba optometrist. It is essential to keep your glasses well protected even when you’re not wearing them.