Girl wearing eye glasses looking at her laptop

What is Blue Light and the benefits of Blue Light Lenses

In this digital age we are endlessly looking at screens. Without the aid of technology, such as Blue Light Lenses, overexposure to the screens on our computers and phones can contribute to detrimental health issues – such as eyestrain, sleeplessness, migraines and blurred vision. Here is some vital information on what is Blue Light and the benefits of Blue Light Lenses.

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Fish Cuisine

Foods To Aid Good Overall Eye Health

Many factors contribute to the health of our eyes; a lot of these are genetic but some we can control. While the use of prescription glasses and contacts can combat existing sight problems, there are many foods you can include in your diet which may help to maintain good overall eye health. By being conscious of your eye health now, you can potentially avoid eye problems later in life!

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happy girl jumping at the forest

Spring Into Action To Avoid Eye Allergies

The arrival of Spring is perhaps even more special this year. The warmer days and the abundance of beautiful Toowoomba blooms always signal bright days ahead – something we all need right now!

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guy wearing an eye glasses while driving

Keeping Your Eyes On The Road…..

There’s always lots of hype about the newest vehicle safety technology like automatic braking, lane departure warnings and reversing cameras – but without doubt, the two most important safety features behind the wheel are your eyes.

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beautiful girl wearing a blue eye glasses and yellow bonnet

How often should you get an eye examination?

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in the body, and are arguably one of the most important but often neglected. We all know eye examinations (sight test) are something we’re supposed to be getting regularly, but why are they so important?

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man wearing a black shade

Don’t be Blindsided by Glaucoma

Well known INXS guitarist and Glaucoma Australia’s Ambassador Kirk Pengilly has a clear message for all of us: get that eye test now and don’t be blindsided by glaucoma.

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