HTS is a Home Vision Therapy program designed to treat binocular vision disorders such as convergence problems (i.e. eye-teaming problems), accommodation problems (i.e. focusing difficulties), suppression (i.e. “lazy eye”) and eye-tracking difficulties. These problems can affect both performance (i.e. poor concentration, comprehension, stamina) and comfort (i.e. symptoms of eye-strain, headaches and blurry vision) with day-to-day visually demanding activities such as reading, writing, studying and computers.

Glasses are often a very fast and effective treatment for these problems, but appropriate Vision Therapy is very often a helpful adjunct, and can in many cases help to minimise dependency on the glasses. In some cases, appropriate Vision Therapy is the single preferred treatment option.

The problem with traditional Vision Therapy for many people is that it is time consuming and very often boring!! The HTS is very highly motivating, especially for children, as the computerised activities are presented in a “game” format, and the computer analysis gives regular progressive feedback as to how your skills are improving.

HTS is designed to be used at home on a daily basis, 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week. The HTS program is fun and engaging for adults and children aged 5 years +.

The home program has an initial life of 100 runs. The vast majority of binocular vision disorders will be overcome after 2 to 3 months with the HTS, which usually allows a “tapering off” period to ensure that the skills are maintained and that you remain symptom-free in the long term. If, however, further therapy is necessary after the original 100 runs have expired, it is possible to secure access to another 100runs (at no extra charge).

The cost of the HTS program is $425 which includes the in office delivery session. Some patients will need to use lens flippers as part of their Therapy. We supply these to you on a hire basis, the cost of hire being $25 for the set of flippers of which $15 will be refunded when all the flippers are returned to us in good working order.

As you work through the HTS program at home, we recommend regular in-office reviews, generally every 4 to 6 weeks.