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Perceptual Vision Tracking Program

Perceptual Vision Tracking Program

Tracking problems are often associated with reading disability. Slow reading, poor fluency with reading, reversals of letters or words, words running together, poor reading comprehension, poor visual attention, loss of concentration, and inability to complete assignments or tests in a time.

The Perceptual Visual Tracking Program (PVT) is designed to improve specific tracking deficits that are often found in persons with any of the above symptoms. Perceptual visual tracking skills are basic to all aspects of reading and other academic areas. Improvement in tracking is often accompanied by improvement in reading, spelling, attention, and speed of working.

PVT contains a variety of visual tracking programs that have been clinically proven.

They are game like in nature so that improvement takes place almost effortlessly. Individuals of all ages from five years up can benefit from PVT. It is a sophisticated yet user-friendly computer application that will run on almost any personal computer.

The PVT program is designed to be used at home on a daily basis, 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week. The PVT program is fun and engaging for adults and children aged 5 years +.

The cost of the PVT program is $295 which includes the in office delivery session.

As you work through the PVT program at home, we recommend regular in-office reviews, generally every 4 to 6 weeks.

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