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Cat-Eye glasses: The essential fashion item

28 May 2021
Cat-Eye glasses: The essential fashion item

Cat-eye glasses are a huge trend in eyewear at the moment, and are established as a quintessential fashion piece to include your collection. The style is graced with versatility, as designers continue to craft unique frames in a range of colours, shapes, sizes and styles. This means that anyone and everyone should be able to find a pair of cat-eye glasses that is perfectly suited to their face shape and own personal style.

A little bit of history

Cat-eye glasses were big in the 1960s – coming into the limelight when renowned actress Audrey Hepburn adorned them in her starring role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Before that, Altina Schinasi conceived the style back in the 1930s, dubbing it the ‘Harlequin’, shaping the frames by the masks she saw in Venice, Italy.

Over the decades the style shifted and transformed into larger and more elaborate frames – but always remained on-trend. Now the modern-day version is seen everywhere and on, seemingly, everyone. They have trimmed in size, but oversized variations are still available.

What style cat-eye suits your face?

Depending on your preference, your face shape and whether you want to make a statement, you should be mindful of the style of cat-eye glasses you choose to wear. The best thing about this style of glasses is that they can be a subtle accessory or a strong fashion statement.

Cat-eye glasses with sharp edge frames are perfectly suited for emphasising the angularity of the face and are made to complement round or heart-shaped faces. For those with square, triangle or diamond-shaped faces, cat-eye glasses with more rounded frames can take the edge off faces with sharp corners.

Cat-eye glasses have come a long way since the 60’s, and they have developed into a collection of versatile frames that can be adorned by anyone. Striking or subtle, that is the question you have to ask yourself when you are browsing for your next purchase. Alternatively, why not grab two so you have one for each situation.

If you want to add some Hollywood glamour to your eyewear, get in touch with the friendly team at Outlook Eye Centre on 07 4635 8844. We have a great selection of cat-eye glasses on show, with a range of flattering frame styles colours to suit every face shape.

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