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A routine eye examination at our practice will generally take 30 to 40 minutes and will involve a thorough assessment of your vision, visual needs and eye health.
At the end of the examination, all these results will be explained to you and we can provide you with the best eye care solutions.
We use modern and up to date equipment and techniques to deliver the best possible eye care.
Shannon is able to prescribe medications to treat a large range of eye conditions including sore and red eyes, glaucoma and foreign body removal.
We also offer an after hours emergency service because we understand that most eye injuries, sore eyes and broken glasses often happen at the most inconvenient times.


All our frames carry a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
We offer a lifetime adjustment and service warranty on all our glasses which includes cleaning, replacement of nose pads and adjustments.


Children's Vision


Reading recovery Learning has levelled out or ceased to improve Bright but don't live up to expectations
Headaches, sore eyes or display eye rubbing Poor reading comprehension Displaying difficulties with math and spelling
Problems with speech and fine motor skills.

Healthy vision is an important part of the learning process and can determine success at school.
Reading, writing and computer work are among the visual skills that students are required to perform daily.
In fact, many experts believe that approximately 80% of learning comes through a child's eyes.
Despite the strong correlation between vision and learning, many people underestimate the number of children affected by eye and vision problems.
A study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that one in ten Australian children suffer from a long term eye disorder.
They found that along with allergies and asthma, eye disorders are the most common long-term health problems experienced by Australian children.
The earlier a vision problem is detected and treated, the more likely treatment will be successful.
Comprehensive eye examinations play a critical role in this process. It is recommended that children, as well as adults, have an eye examination every two years.
All children should have a thorough examination as a precaution, but it is very important that the following children are examined: