kids wearing superhero costumes

Even Superheroes Need Eye Tests

Did you know that 80% of a child’s learning is through their vision? Good eyesight is a key ingredient in helping children reach their developmental and educational milestones.

That is why we recommend a comprehensive eye test for all children prior to commencing school and at regular intervals throughout the school years.For instance, some vision problems do not become apparent until your child has begun to read and up to 4 in 5 children with reading difficulties will have an undiagnosed vision issue.

 An eye test for your little one is nothing to fear. At Outlook Eye Centre, we make it a fun and relaxed experience for children. Shannon’s holistic approach to children’s vision means that she is able to assess a wide range of vision issues which may be holding your child back. Many of these can be corrected through a combination of vision therapy, eye exercises or glasses.

Increased digital device use by kids has thrown a major curve ball into the mix. That’s why now, more than ever, it’s crucial to keep on top of any changes to your child’s vision to avoid long term eye health problems.

Let’s get 2020 started with super-vision for your superhero! Book an appointment with us online or call in to our practice for a friendly chat.