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Excessive Screen Time and Teen Eye Health

06 July 2023
Excessive Screen Time and Teen Eye Health

Excessive screen time among teenagers in Toowoomba has raised concerns regarding the development of dry eye disease. A recent New Zealand study conducted during a gaming conference sheds light on the risks associated with prolonged screen use. Let's explore the study findings, symptoms of dry eye disease, and ways to mitigate these risks.

Researchers from the University of Auckland surveyed over 450 participants using iPads to track screen use and blinking frequency. The study revealed a significant link between long screen time and dry eye disease due to reduced blinking. Surprisingly, many participants displayed dry eye symptoms typically seen in older patients.

Dry eye disease is characterized by symptoms like red-looking eyes, gritty or sore sensations, and occasional watery or itchy eyes. It may also lead to fluctuating vision clarity and eye fatigue, especially during or after prolonged screen time.

During the pandemic, increased screen time from home-schooling and indoor activities has raised concerns about the prevalence of dry eye disease among young people in Toowoomba. It is crucial to address this issue despite our current dependence on screens.

Excessive screen time can also cause digital eye strain. Viewing screens up close for extended periods strains our eyes, resulting in reduced blinking, eye fatigue, and a higher risk of developing dry eye disease.

To protect eye health in Toowoomba, it's essential to balance screen time with other recreational activities that do not involve screens. Alternating between digital and non-digital pursuits can reduce eye strain. More importantly, spending time outside is amazing for eyes.

If you experience dry eye symptoms and want to know more about this, please get in touch with us at Outlook Eye Centre, your trusted optometrists in Toowoomba.

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