IPL Treatment for Dry Eye – Ditch The Drops!

07 June 2022
IPL Treatment for Dry Eye – Ditch The Drops!

For some patients, using eye drops can literally be hit and miss. When you miss the target, the benefit of the drops is lost. Traditionally, lubricating eye drops have been the go-to treatment for managing and treating the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. However, for patients who encounter difficulty with their eye drops for dry eye, the answer may be IPL therapy.

Outlook Eye Centre has invested in the E-Eye Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to treat the leading cause of dry eye – meibomian gland dysfunction. Using this safe form of IPL to stimulate the eye’s meibomian glands together with eyelid massage over 3-4 treatments, improved eye comfort is achieved and meibomian glands gradually return to normal function.

E-Eye IPL treatment has shown a 87-90% success rate and recently, two of our own Queensland researchers Dr Julie Albietz and Associate Professor Katrina Schmid received Australian optometry’s 2020 J Lloyd Hewett Outstanding Paper Award for their study on IPL therapy. Their research concluded that “IPL therapy combined with meibomian gland expression significantly and sustainably improved dry eye symptoms and clinical signs”. (source: Clinical & Experimental Optometry, 2018 Vol 101, Issue 1)

E-Eye IPL is very safe. It has TGA registration here in Australia, is listed in the WAND in New Zealand and has Medical CE certification in Europe. Speak to Shannon at Outlook Eye Centre to discuss the suitability of E-Eye IPL treatment in managing your dry eye symptoms. It may be possible for you to ditch the drops and embark on an IPL treatment regime which will restore long term eye comfort.

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