Boys and girls kids smiling while wearing their back pack and ready to go back to school

Is It Time For Your Back To School Eye Check?

The New Year brings on a new to-do list, and one of the most essential things on the list should be your children’s back to school eye check. With a reported one in five children heading back to the first week of school with undetected vision problems – we feel it is crucial to make sure your kids are fit and ready for school.

80% of learning comes through eyesight, so it’s critical to your child’s learning that they have a healthy vision to be able to learn to their fullest potential. This is why the most ideal time to have your children examined is at the beginning of the school year to ensure their visual development is optimized and ready for the year to begin.

Is poor vision and learning & social development linked?

Our eyesight is our primary sense – it is crucial to our ability to develop, learn, walk and play. It can mean the difference between whether or not your child is more social and outgoing, good at sport or comfortable with their learning habits. Undoubtedly, not only can uncorrected vision problems affect learning, it can affect your child’s social skills too.

Generally, uncorrected long-sightedness will mean that your child will find reading books uncomfortable and will struggle to do their work – but may be more social and outgoing. Children with uncorrected short-sightedness will struggle with sports and outdoor activities – but will be more comfortable reading and playing with technology.

Why is a back to school eye check so important?

Eyes continue to develop well into the late teens and even into the early 20’s, and if a regular routine is maintained, any eyesight and vision problems can be detected early. This is a valuable consideration to make when you take into account that large changes in vision can occasionally occur within a short space of time.

Will a back to school eye check mean new glasses?

The good news is that new prescription glasses are not always required after an eye exam. Optometrists treat eye problems in a number of different ways depending on the nature of the issue detected. A new set of prescription glasses will only be prescribed if it is the most appropriate treatment plan for your child.

Feel free to contact the team at Outlook Eye Centre to book your back to school eye check or to ask any questions regarding your children’s eyesight and vision problems.