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Myopia And Your Kids – What You Need to Know Right Now!!!

18 October 2018
Myopia And Your Kids – What You Need to Know Right Now!!!

At Outlook Eye Centre we are seeing a huge increase in the number of kids who are myopic (short-sighted) – this means that they are having difficulty seeing the blackboard and objects in the distance.

So why are we concerned about our kids becoming myopic - surely glasses and contact lenses are available to help them see? And the answer is yes, absolutely we can help their vision with the appropriate vision correction but the more myopic you become, the more the eyeball grows and stretches and this then leads on to serious eye problems and diseases. These diseases are often vision threatening and are very difficult to treat and manage so ultimately our goal is to keep our kids eyeballs are short as possible.

So when you see us at Outlook Eye Centre we will offer you options to control myopia progression which are appropriate and safe for your kids. We make sure that every child has a specifically designed myopia control strategy for their individual needs. If you need more information, we would love to see you in the practice, you can contact us on 46358844.

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