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Picking the Perfect Pair

07 September 2022
Picking the Perfect Pair

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then your glasses are the window furnishings.

At Outlook Eye Centre, we’re firm believers that everyone needs to walk out of our practice with their new glasses looking and feeling (and seeing) like a million dollars!

But not sure what a temple is, or the difference between rimless or semi-rimless, and never heard of the splay angle or pantoscopic tilt? Fear not! Our experienced team are on hand with expert advice.

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when picking your next winning pair of glasses.

  • Your face shape. Is your face heart-shaped, angular, or round? Are your features delicate or heavy?
  • Your fashion style. If your style is loud and funky, we love that. If you prefer quiet and neutral, we don’t love you any less!
  • Your skin, hair, and eye colour. Our team can point out frames that will complement your complexion, eye, and hair colouring.
  • The purpose of these glasses. Do these frames need to fit a multifocal lens in them, do you need to wear them all the time or maybe they are just driving glasses?

Choosing a frame is both the most fun and also the most overwhelming part of getting an eye test.

But at Outlook Eye Centre, we love our job and will make sure you walk out looking, feeling, and seeing like that million dollars!

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