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The Glasses Trends Picked To Top 2021

The New Year brings on revitalized minds, fresh fashion and new trends in eyewear. And considering how 2020 panned out, 2021 needs to be revolutionary, and that includes your glasses. To keep up to date with the new glasses trends that we are sure to see in 2021, here is our quick guide on the styles you need to know about.

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes – think octagon, hexagon, square and rectangle – are perfect for highlighting and accentuating facial features, especially for those of us with rounder faces. We recommend larger and square frames, as the geometric shape contrasts the softness of a round face and adds more sharpness. Geometric frames make a statement, communicate your personality and have an edgy appeal that is catching on.

Round glasses

An absolute classic that will continue to stay in fashion (and long may it last) are the round frame glasses. It is not just a Harry Potter or Lennon-style gimmick; these frames add an elegant softness to all faces – especially angular faces. There are plenty of options and styles to choose from, so you’re not limited to the ‘John Lennon look’ thin metal frames if that is not your style. They are a glasses trend that will likely never go out of style – and that is perfect as they are entirely suited to anyone and everyone.

Slim & thin frames

For those that are graced with a defined jawline, slim and thin frames are the go-to. With extremely thin glasses being one of the most longstanding glasses trends over the years, we can safely say that if you can wear them, you should. These glasses are not going out of fashion anytime soon, and we are so here for it. They are sleek, have an air of elegance and are also perfect for oval face shapes – who, let's be honest, have it easy as most glasses styles suit their face shape.

Old-school aviators

Are these ever going out of style? Recommended for square face shapes, the prevailing old-school aviators are constantly modernizing themselves to remain an attractive fashion piece and attain, in all honesty, a certain aesthetic for those who choose to wear them.

Cat-eye glasses

Another absolute classic that for all intents and purposes is essential in your collection. The gorgeous cat-eye glasses with their exaggerated rims are perfect for making a statement for every single social occasion and for whatever mood you are in. They’re feminine, retro, and if you haven’t got a pair, it’s time to invest in one of the most polarizing glasses trends of 2021.

Polarized lenses

Speaking of polarizing glasses, an important fashion feature you might like to add to your new pair of glasses is polarization. To prevent your eyes from being damaged by the sun – we all know how harsh that big burning star is up here in Queensland – and to diminish light glare, you might want to consider getting polarized lenses.

To keep on top of the glasses trends for the New Year, get in touch with the friendly team at Outlook Eye Centre on 07 4635 8844. We will take care of your eye health, and make sure you look good too. As eyewear experts, we will look at your face shape, personality, skin-tone and your lifestyle in order to match you with the perfect new frames for 2021.