Girl wearing eye glasses looking at her laptop

What is Blue Light and the benefits of Blue Light Lenses

In this digital age we are endlessly looking at screens. Without the aid of technology, such as Blue Light Lenses, overexposure to the screens on our computers and phones can contribute to detrimental health issues – such as eyestrain, sleeplessness, migraines and blurred vision. Here is some vital information on what is Blue Light and the benefits of Blue Light Lenses.

Blue light is everywhere

Previously, the only source of Blue Light we had was through the sun. It is even the reason the sky is blue – colliding with air molecules that scatter the blue light which makes us process the sky as blue. Now, we have brought Blue Light to our fingertips by way of digital screens – our phones, laptops and TVs.

Blue Light is a colour in the visible light spectrum – it is a short, yet high energy wavelength. Traditionally, Blue Light works to regulate the body’s sleep and wake cycles – it boosts your alertness, increases your overall feeling of wellbeing and elevates your moods.

Should we be concerned?

Now that we have technology in the palm of our hands that process such high amounts of energy and light, and provides an important function to our wellbeing and health – the concern is that we are now overexposed to it. While exposure to natural Blue Light has positive effects, our eyes have not yet evolved to filter out the artificial Blue Light our devices expose us to. The benefit of Blue Light Glasses is that they work to filter out the harmful effects that artificial Blue Light could give us.

What are the risks?

Overexposure of Blue Light can lead to detrimental health concerns – specifically eye strain, fatigue and migraines. As mentioned, Blue Light is one of the shortest, yet highest energy wavelengths in the light spectrum – meaning, compared to other types of wavelengths, blue light flickers easier and longer. The glare that is cast from this flicker reduces your visual contrast, affecting clarity and sharpness. The benefit of Blue Light Glasses and Blue Light Lenses is that they work to protect your eyes and reduce the amount of Blue Light rays that reach your retina.

Are blue light lenses worth it?

The benefit of Blue Light Glasses is that you are actively limiting the risk of encountering any health issues that Blue Light may cause. However, there are ways of caring for your eyes in this digital age before you look to buy a pair of Blue Light lenses. You should take regular breaks from screens, consider dimming them and you should avoid using a screen at least an hour before bed.

To learn more about Blue Light Lenses and the benefit of Blue Light Glasses, contact the team at Outlook Eye Centre and we can tell you everything you need to know.