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What’s This Bump on My Eye?

24 October 2022
What’s This Bump on My Eye?

As life goes on under the Toowoomba sun, a few little lumps and bumps may pop up on your eye. Perhaps you’ve managed to escape these bumps with good UV protection and lucky genes (or maybe you’ve just never looked closely enough in the mirror).

Either way, here’s a little of what you should know about bumps on the eye.

Pingueculae (pinguecula singular) and pterygia (pterygium singular) are the most common bumps you can expect to find on your eye. These develop on the whites of your eye and are caused by an overgrowth of fibrous tissue.

The main difference between a pinguecula and a pterygium is that a pterygium grows to cover part of the cornea, which is the transparent bubble over your coloured iris. These bumps are benign though can be unsightly and get red and inflamed.

The eye is not immune to cancerous growths either. Diagnosing these particular bumps can be challenging, however, Shannon is experienced in examining the eye and surrounding skin, and can refer you to an eye specialist near Toowoomba if she thinks it necessary.

If ever you notice a new bump or lump on your eye or eyelid, never just dismiss it as a pinguecula or pterygium - be sure to get it checked out. Please always feel free to get in touch with us at Outlook Eye Centre if you have any worries.

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