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World Sight Day 2023

12 October 2023
World Sight Day 2023

This World Sight Day we are focusing our attention on the importance of eye care in the workplace.

Our eyes are precious, so let's take good care of them.

Here are our suggestions -

  1. Having good vision is important for all parts of life but especially in the workplace. Having an up to date prescription and current glasses will make your work day more comfortable with improved productivity.
  2. Using screens for a prolonged period of time can impact people of all ages. Make sure to take a screen break - every 20 mins you should look 20 feet (6 m) away for at least 20 secs and don’t forget to blink fully when you are looking at screens.
  3. Make sure your computer screen is in a comfortable position - we recommend having the monitor about 10 - 12 cm below eye level at 50 - 70 cm away from your eyes.
  4. 90% of vision loss is preventable. We encourage you to have regular preventative eye health checks every 2 years.

If you would like to know more about any of these tips, you can keep up to date on our social media platforms or call us on 07 46358844

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